3D Printing

When customized equipment is essential and deadlines are near, 3D printing gives public and private organizations the ability to design single end-use parts and quickly build complex, precise prototypes.

JODDB's Design and Development Department has unique 3D printing capability that enables design teams to quickly produce high-quality, realistic products and prototypes at relatively low cost when compared to other methods such as machining or outsourcing.

Design and manufacturing engineers can use these 3D prints as a tool to better communicate how a design looks, feels and operates allowing for the product design to integrate with manufacturing at an earlier stage in the development lifecycle.

JODDB uses:

  • Portable  scanner and Fixed scanner for high precision 3D scanning purposes.
  • 3D printer for idea and concept visualization of Minotaur models up to 300x300x300mm.
  • 3D printer for functional, ready-to-use, high precision plastic models up to 600x800x1000mm.
  • 3D printer for functional, ready-to-use, high precision metallic models up to 325x250x250mm.