Man-Pack Jammer

Man-Pack Jammer

A variety of jammers customized to accommodate different operations providing ultimate solutions for military, security agencies and VIP protection, implementing the most effective and reliable jammer technology equipped to disrupt and prevent communication jamming remote control applications, spy cameras and cellular base signals, obstructing the communication channels of terrorists or riot organizers. The general design of the systems meet military requirements as well as international quality standards and requirements, supplied in sturdy cases and can be carried by person in various areas.

Selectable Frequencies

·         L1 (1575,42/10,23x154)

·         L2 (1227,60/10,23x120)

Jamming Type

Omni-Directional Radiation Jamming of 360° / bubble protection

Operation Period

2 Hours

Power Supply

Battery 29 DC Volt

Charging Power Source

AC 220 Volt, 50Hz or DC 24 Volt

Output Power

30 Watt for each band


High-Gain Omni-Directional for all bands

Exterior Dimensions


Effective Jamming Radius

3km with the Jammer 0.76m above ground

Other Specs

·         Availability of Directional Antennas to increase the range in one direction

·         VSWR Protection

·         Over-Voltage and Over-Current Protection

·         High Temperature Cut-Off


·         LED Interface

·         User-Friendly and Easy Maintenance

·         High Mobility – Retractable extension handles and strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings

·         RF Protection Suit and Carry Case

·         Smart Signal Power Allocation

·         Suitable for installation in most vehicle types

·         Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve

·         Padlock Protectors