Water Tanks

A wide range of water tanks for every storage application offering different formats and capacities suitable for the needed space and storage requirements. The water tanks are fully equipped with all the necessary items and accessories required.

Standard Features

·         Built on various chassis options according to preference (6x4/8x4).

·         Material comprised of galvanized steel specially treated against rust (including welding passes) and suitable for drinking water.

·         Internally installed baffle plates, suitably protected against corrosion and deterioration.

·         Easy access for maintenance purposes inside the tank.

·         50cm diameter cylindrical manholes and closing cap height 15 cm from the top of the tank.

·         Overflow pipes act as a pressure/vacuum vent.

·         Hydrant filling ports, two on each side with 2.5" male coupling and female blank cap equipped with a valve.

·         Drainage pipe of 2.5" diameter with valve.

·         Slip proof tread plate with necessary handrails on sides on top of tank.

·         Access ladder at rear with anti-slip square steps.

·         Drain pipes with suitable hose connected to the rear of the walk way.

·         Water pump: Centrifugal type. P.T.O driven, not less than 1600lit/min.at 7 bar

·         Suction lift: at least 3m.


·         Red or yellow multi-flash beacon light (cone type)

·         Electric siren with public address system (different tunes).

·         Search lights. 

·         Suction hoses each 2.5 m length, 4" diameter.

·         Hose bridge with suitable fixing mechanism.

·         Side compartments with suitable fixing mechanism for storing delivery hoses 2.5” diameter, 25m length.

·         Optional: Car GPS (navigation)