Virtual Reality Labs

Virtual Reality Labs

Augmented and Virtual Reality have the remarkable ability to alter the perception of the world. JODDB has developed a VMAR Technologies Lab as an incubator for simulation and virtual reality development to cover the following potential areas:

  • Assembly Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Military Training
  • Virtual Tours
  • Virtual Manufacturing Reviews


  • Cave System Lab
    Mainly used in education and with the help of the motion capture system around the cave structure, it can provide full 360 degree view for 3D models on the 4-wall cave. Users can enter the cave and interact with the models as well.

  • Motion Capture Lab
    With our Motion tracking system, we can provide a realistic motion simulation for teams in order to get a fully immersive experience while training. It can also be used as an automated supervision system for the soldiers in order to compare with ideal movements available.

  • Virtual Reality Lab
    Equipped with the latest virtual reality devices and specialized computers, we provide applications in the highest possible quality and efficiency.

Our Team:
Our talented team of professional developers are capable of creating various contents for different sectors, such as:

  • Military
Projects that simulate military training such as Special Forces and mine detection simulators in addition to real weapons integration.

  • Medical
Develop simulations for surgeries or a 3D view for the human body for students to learn, have a deeper look and study without risk on actual patients.

  • Tourism
Virtual tours development allowing users to visit distant places and interact with the media presented through the VR in the comfort of their location. Tourism companies may also benefit from VR technology presenting tours for customers before booking.