Pedestal Mount

The Pedestal Mount serves as a fixed, yet rotating gun mount driven by a manual hydraulic system. When placed, the precision of the weapon is significantly improved, leading to enhanced target acquisition and responsible ammunition use, thus minimizing the risk of collateral damage.

This mount are assembled to provide a 360° traverse and are vertically extendable from the ground with a depressed height of 1100 mm and a fully extended height of 1500 mm.

It is designed to accommodate weapons up to M2 50 caliber or MK 19 automatic grenade launcher and can be deployed on a narrow vehicle or boat.



Ready Rounds

•           100 rounds for 50 caliber

•           200 rounds for MG3 and M60

•           32 rounds for 40 mm Launcher

Elevation Arc


Traverse Sweep


Interface Options

·         50 Caliber M2 Machine Gun

·         40 mm Grenade Launcher

·         MG3 Machine Gun

·         Weapon options upon request