Snake Head Cupola – MKIII A

Snake Head Cupola – MKIII A

Closed armored cupola type MKIII-A designed with different protection levels; BR6, STANAG I and STANAG II, fitted with (13) vision blocks, enabling the user to have wide surveillance angles of the perimeter around the vehicle. Using a gear-assisted or motorized ring mount system with an override mechanism, the user is provided with a smooth 360° of traverse.

Dimensions (L x W)

1.8m x 1.1m




High Ballistic Steel

Total Weight

360kg – 650kg (depends on protection level)

Protection Levels

·         B6

·         STANAG I

·         STANAG II

·         STANAG III

·         B7

Vision Blocks


Interface Options

·         5.56mm Machine Gun

·         7.62mm Machine Gun

·         12.7mm Machine Gun