Mobile Workshops

Mobile Workshops

Fabricated mobile containers, fully equipped with state-of-the-art maintenance tools, designed for flexible operations in various applications, fields and sectors. They are custom-made and can contain any equipment upon customers’ needs and request. These workshop solutions are quick, easy to install and ready to use.

Storage Area

·         Bench seat for one person

·         Working bench with vise

·         Heavy duty storage cabinet

·         Storage drawers for heavy duty tool box carriage

·         Rear step to ease access to the vehicle

Electrical, Power and Lights System

·         Interior roof surface mounted lights

·         Interior working lights

·         LED map light

·         Electrical power sockets (220V & 12V)

·         External electrical power source (shoreline)

Optional Features

·         Air compressor

·         Workshop trolley

·         Bench vice

·         Tool box - 5 compartments

·         Oxy Acetylene welding machine

·         Lever handle grease gun

·         Portable battery charger

·         First aid box (wall mounted)

·         Electric welding machine

·         Oil drum (x3)

·         Electric oil filling pump (220V)

·         Hydraulic trolley jack (10ton)

·         High pressure water pump