Law Enforcement / Police Solutions

Law Enforcement / Police Solutions

Solutions vary from; Police Cars Meeting the modern demands of law enforcement and specialized to meet the needs of the officers and communities they serve, Anti-Riot Vehicles and Buses designed and built to allow law enforcement personnel to stay safe and secure while driving straight into harm’s way, SWAT Vehicles, Mobile Investigation Units and Mobile Police Station Units.

Police Cars

·         Front and Rear Bumpers with Rubber Shock Absorbers

·         GRP Partition with Transparent Plate of Polycarbonate behind the Drivers Head

·         Warning Lights System (Roof Light Bar with additional Lighting and Flashes)

·         Public Address System with High-Performance Siren System

·         Communications Service (GPRS, Navigational Satellite, Timing and Ranging, GPS Systems)

·         Monitoring System with High-Quality Cameras

·         Flexible Map Light with Halogen Lighting

Anti-Riot Buses

·         Front and Rear Bumpers with Rubber Shock Absorbers

·         Steel Mesh or Transparent Polycarbonate added to Front and Rear Driving Lights, Front Wind Shield, Side Windows and Rear Windows

·         Weapon and Equipment Lockers and Storage

·         Gun Holders

·         Extra Rear Seats

·         Gun Ports

·         Insulation

·         Extra Cameras

Anti-Riot Vehicles and Troop Carriers

·         Heavy Duty Chassis

·         Designed to be unable to climb on

·         High Isolation Sandwich Panel Material for Rear Cabinet

·         Rear Cabinet able to carry 10-25 Equipped Persons

·         Heavy Duty Air Conditioning System

·         Lockers for Munition and Tools

·         Protection Covered Wheels

·         Anti-Riot Solutions (Water Cannons, etc.)