Mass Casualty & Evacuation Vehicles

Mass Casualty & Evacuation Vehicles

The mass casualty and evacuation vehicles can act as a replacement to ambulances to be used for critically injured victims. They are designed for extreme conditions with numerous interior layout options according to the customers’ preference.

Technical Features

·         Built on various chassis options according to preference.

·         Can fit 6-9 patients.

·         Patients transport structure is made of a frame of tubes with GRP sheets and insulation internally and externally.

·         Anti-bacterial PVC material flooring with thermal insulated injection foam. 

·         The patients transport has two–hinged rear doors and one side emergency door.

·         Paramedic EMT seats with head rests, arm rests, and seatbelt.

·         Air condoning and heating unit.

·         Interior LED lighting, handrails & IV.

·         Holders along the ceiling.

·         Intercom between the driver cab and the Patients Transport Structure.

·         PA system and warning lights including front light bar and side warning lights (color upon request).

Medical Supplies

·         Central fixed oxygen system with outlet systems and oxygen cylinders.

·         Pole Stretchers with safety belts.

·         Electrical Suction Units.

·         Ventilators.