Paramedic & Emergency Ambulances

Paramedic & Emergency Ambulances

Fully equipped with the latest licensed medical emergency systems, tools and kits, these paramedic and emergency ambulances are able to respond to serious incidents, providing life-saving support continuously as the patient is transported to a hospital or medical facility. They are designed for extreme conditions with numerous interior layout options according to the customers’ preference.

Patient Cabin Configuration

·         Bulkhead partition between front cab and patient compartment cabin with sliding window 

·         Side walls and roof covered by washable material (GRP) sheet or equivalent

·         High quality heavy-duty vinyl (PVC) flooring (antibacterial, anti-slippery) based on marine plywood

·         Medical cabinet to store and mount equipment, medicine and tools

·         Single, fixed doctor seat with seat belt

·         Squad bench with seat belts suitable to accommodate 2 – 3 persons with storage area underneath seats

·         IV drip fitted to internal roof and overhead grab hand rail fitted to ceiling.

·         AC System and Heater Unit

·         1kg fire extinguisher for patient compartment and driver cab

·         Caution and attention signs fitted in compartments and external red strap around the vehicle

Electrical, Power and Lights System

·         Control panels, exhaust fans and other electrical equipment

·         Additional 12V Battery

·         Loading light mounted on a swivel base on the rear roof

·         Electronic Public Address Siren System

·         12V DC and 220V AC socket outlets for electrical medical equipment

·         AC external socket shoreline and socket supply electricity from external electrical sources to feed patient cabinet

·         LED Internal roof lights

·         Quiet roof ventilation fan

·         Light bar and side roof flashing & scene lights

Medical Supplies

·         Oxygen cylinders (Medical) with flow meter, humidifier and Oxygen outlets 

·         Main Stretcher

·         Backboard

·         Scoop Stretcher

·         Portable Ventilator

·         Suction Unit

·         Defibrillator

·         Oxygen Resuscitation Bag (adult size and pediatric)