High quality CITs with unique capabilities and performance features which undergo vigorous quality control testing and inspection prior delivery for transporting currency, documents and valuables with integrated protection solutions ranging from armory and ballistic protection to security electronics integration and communication systems. CITs may also act as a bank branch or ATM.

Standard Features

·         Armoring of CEN Level B6, B4 or B3 ballistic protection

·         Armored glass of CEN Level B6, B4 or B3 ballistic protection

·         Transportation of 3-4 persons

·         2-3 Doors

·         Rear Area contains Safe and Passengers Seats separated by an Armored Door

·         Large Space Safe with Excellent Lighting

·         Ability to install interior camera and DVR

Optional Features

·         Under bonnet fire extinguisher system

·         Public address system and siren

·         12 cm Opening windows

·         Installation of communication systems

·         Winch bar or bull bar

·         Upgraded braking system for some base vehicles types

·         Gun ports

·         Wheel Run Flat

·         Increase the quantity of the shelves inside the safe

·         Reverse camera