Civilian Armoured Vehicles

Civilian Armoured Vehicles

We offer the most comprehensive selection of armored vehicles with a high degree of functionality and reliability, engineering the entire vehicle line in-house and build each of the cars to meet strict international standards ensuring the highest quality and performance. The TLC 200, 76 and 78, Ford Expedition and GMC Yukon are the ideal bases preferred by clients.

Standard Armored Features

·         Dual Battery

·         Manual Under Bonnet Fire Extinguisher System

·         50km Run-Flat fitted on all tires including spare tire

·         Steel-Case Fuel Tank Protection

·         Battery and ECM Armor Protection

·         Engine Bay Flank Armor Protection

·         Door Frame Overlaps

·         Reinforced Door Hinges

·         Reinforced Suspension Components

Optional Features

·         Gun Ports

·         Zoned B6 Protection to Engine Bay (wings, radiator grill assembly and bonnet)

·         Roof Escape Hatch

·         Public Address System (Siren System)

·         Fog Lights, Search Lights and Beacons

·         10-12 cm Opening Windows

·         Installation of Communication Systems

·         Winch Bar or Bull Bar

·         Electric Winch

·         Upgraded Clutch (for manual transmission)