Load Bearing Models (LB-8 / LB-9)

Load Bearing Models (LB-8 / LB-9)

The Load-Bearing Tactical Vest is fully adjustable in length and girth, fitting most operators. The mesh ventilation system helps to release moisture and heat; adding more comfort. This vest features 8 or 9 different pouches and 2 internal pockets including MOLLE attachments for extra pouches, if required, designed for large loads for different various missions.

Gross Weight

Just over 1.45kg


Universal Size (adjustable in length and width )


·         LB-8 is a load bearing belt.

·         Comfortable to wear

·         Large load carriage capability

·         8 or 9 pockets for various missions

·         MOLLE attachment for extra load bearing

·         Optional Radio / GPS pockets