Concealed Body Armour CV 200

Concealed Body Armour CV 200

The CV 200 offers the supreme protection of a tactical vest, while remaining comfortable and concealable. It is as suitable for discrete use in high risk situations as it is for extended wear. The vest houses soft ballistic packs sealed in PU coated nylon bags on both the front and the back. The CoolIMAX® lining provides breathability and wicks sweat away from the body while the adjustable side straps ensure a perfect fit. This is the ideal, versatile solution for those who want maximum protection and functionality in a convert carrier.


Level II

Soft Armor Material


Exterior Material

100% cotton lined with COOLMAX fabric

Gross Weight

1.65 kg ± 5%

Colors Available

Black, Dark Blue, Olive Green, Desert Tan or Camouflage



Protection Area

0.28 m2 ± 5%

Fragmentation Protection

V50 >450 m/s (17 gr. fragment)