Police Vests CPV 720

Police Vests CPV 720

This armor is perfectly suited to police officers, door supervisors, close protection officers and many others. It provides superior protection and meets the highest level of protection available from soft body armor. Designed to offer undetectable protection in dangerous circumstances, the vest will keep the officer safe, comfortable and cool. Front and rear plates may be added.


Level III A (9mm)

Soft Armor Material


Exterior Material


Gross Weight

2.7 kg ± 5%

Colors Available

Black, Dark Blue, Olive Green, Desert Tan or Camouflage



Protection Area

0.37 m2

Fragmentation Protection

V50 >520 m/s (17 gr. fragment)

Ballistic Performance

Tested against 9x19mm FMJ RN 124 gr bullets in accordance with National Institute of Justice Standard for Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor (NIJ Standard–0101.04 / P-BFS)