Ballistic Tactical Vest CPV 830

Ballistic Tactical Vest CPV 830

This CPV 830 offers everything you could need in a vest by providing the full range of protective upgrades as standard. This includes adjustable side / shoulder flaps and four front magazine pouches, making it the most complete product available for comprehensive protection. This product offers powerful protection with the ergonomics design, making the CPV 830 the perfect armor for extreme situations.


Level III A (9mm)

Soft Armor Material


Exterior Material

Cordura 1000 Denier

Gross Weight

3.4 kg ± 5%

Colors Available

Black, Dark Blue, Olive Green, Desert Tan or Camouflage


One Size Fits All (Free Size)

Protection Area

0.42 m2

Fragmentation Protection

V50 >520 m/s (17 gr. fragment)

Ballistic Performance

Tested against 9x19mm FMJ RN 124 gr bullets in accordance with National Institute of Justice Standard for Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor (NIJ Standard–0101.04 / P-BFS)