High Performance Ballistic Helmet (AC1300J/500)

High Performance Ballistic Helmet (AC1300J/500)

This combat proven helmet offers comfort, impact and fragmentation protection.

It incorporates an easily replaceable liner system to improve long-term usability.


Level IIIA (9mm) & V50 (17gr FSP)

Fragmentation Protection

17 grain FSP (591 m/s)

Gross Weight

1.3 kg ± 5%

Shell Construction

Aramid fibers (Kevlar® prepreg)

Shell Size

·         S: 51-54 cm

·         M: 55-57cm

·         L: 58-60cm

Ballistic Performance

Tested against 9x19mm FMJ RN bullet 124 gr in accordance with National Institute of Justice Standard for Ballistic Helmets (NIJ 0106.01) at 426 m/s

Retention System

Multiple Retention and Suspension Pad Options (D3O , Air Bag System , Inner liner)

Colors Available

Black, Dark Blue, Olive Green or Tan


·         Removable Visor

·         Detachable Neck Protector

·         Camouflage Cover

·         Fit-to-Size