Defense Technology Course

Defense Technology Course

As the defense industry continues to expand, there is a strong need for continuing education in Defense Technology. Amid the professionals who require such training are government, military and industry personnel working in the defense and security industry.

The capability of an armed force depends not only on the number of soldiers or the number of fighting aircrafts and tanks. Instead, defense capabilities increasingly depend on how technology and operations are integrated at the system level to evolve new war-fighting concepts and operational capabilities for the battlefield.

With this in mind, JODDB and Cranfield University at the Defense College of Management and Technology of the UK, have created a short course that meet today’s defense system challenges and requirements.

The course aims at enabling defense officers and graduate engineers to better understand the defense technological possibilities and constraints presented by disciplines other than their own, thus allowing them to put their own specialization into a systems context and hence deliver added value to government-approved equipment capability programs.

Who Should Attend:

  • Defense and Security Personnel
  • Defense Department Staff and Contractors whose work requires a thorough understanding of land systems and defense technologies.
  • Personnel involved in systems evaluation and procurement of defense equipment.

Course Modules:

  • Mobility
  • Lethality
  • Survivability and Surveillance
  • Systems Engineering
  • Communications and Electronic Warfare
  • Cybersecurity