Industrial Park

Industrial Park

Established in 2006 in implementation of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision to empower specialized industries to excel and create jobs for Jordanian citizens. The Park is a specialized environment providing high-level support, service and high-security to host defense and military industries.
The Park is a testimony of KADDB’s achievements and its production base providing industrial incubator services as well as testing and measurement, following which industries move from incubation phase to actual production according to volume of exports expected from investment.
KIP is the first and only modern private free zone in the region dedicated to defense industry manufacturing, strategically situated on land bridge between Europe, Africa and Asia, located at the intersection connecting to Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria.


  • 30 years of renewable lease
  • High quality industrial infrastructure
  • Warehouse spaces
  • Customs office
  • High caliber of management and staff
  • Attractive landscape
  • Security


  • No income tax on profit
  • No import fees
  • No customs fees
  • No license fees