Jordan Investment Group


JIG has been established to act as the commercial and investment arm for the Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB) and its affiliates.

The Group aims at establishing new and growing businesses in the defence and security industries along with various services that would complement these industries.

The scope of work covered by the Group’s affiliates is represented in business clusters; Automotive and Industrial Cluster, Troops Products Cluster, Electronics and Electro-Optics Cluster, Arms and Ammunition Cluster, as well as a Supplementary Cluster.

JIG’s competences have gained the Group a proven track record and high profile worldwide as a reliable and credible partner.

Investors would enjoy a high level of marketing exposure, accessibility to a wide range of research and industrial capabilities, provision of land and facilities through a purpose-built free industrial zone, as well as contribution to working capital and facilitating all logistics and procedures.

In a short period of time, JIG managed to place itself on the world map, not only being active in the Middle East and North Africa, but by reaching Europe, the Americas, Southeast and Central Asia and the rest of Africa.