In order to transform Jordan’s comparative advantage into competitive advantage through knowledge, technology and innovation, the Future Technology Projects Cluster was developed to add value and keep up with competition in the global field, in addition to enhance the national capabilities to support future competitiveness.

Center for Encryption Research

Center for Encryption Research

The Encryption Center aims to develop and modify cryptographic algorithms and systems to protect the storage and transmission of sensitive information and to raise local capacities in this subject for the benefit of national institutions in Jordan.

KADDB Data Storage Shredder:

KADDB Shredder performs a complete data shredding process using a range of operations which performed in order to provide a secure deletion based on several factors.


  • KADDB m-Shredder application is used to shred media data at Android devices. Media can be images, audio, videos and documents.
  • User friendly interface.


User have the ability to send encrypted SMS to all contacts which have the application. The application can work like any regular SMS application without encrypting SMS. User friendly interface.


  • Cyber Security has become a top priority for governments and enterprises due to the threats it has over the critical infrastructure and the business continuity.
  • The world is suffering from shortage in cyber security talents and professionals to overcome the future challenges.
  • KADDB has established a Cyber Security Academy in partnership with Protection Group Int. (PGI)- a GCHQ certified training provider in the UK , and has been running a number of cyber security projects in the Gulf region.
  • KCSA will provide new training programs in Jordan to build cybersecurity capabilities in order to protect electronic national infrastructure in Jordan.
  • KCSA provides many GCHQ certified courses :
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response Skills courses
  • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Skills courses.
  • Certified in Information Security Management Principles.
  • Cyber Security Awareness.
  • Cyber Security Awareness – Executives.


Our laboratories:
Cave system lab
The CAVE is one of the VR solutions that are mainly used in education. With the help of the motion capture system around the cave structure, it can provide full 360 degree view for 3D models on the 4-wall cave. Users can enter the cave and interact with the models as well.

Motion Capture Lab
With our Motion tracking system, we can provide a realistic motion simulation for the teams in order to get a fully immersive experience while training. It can also be used as an automated supervision system for the soldiers in order to compare it with the ideal movements available.

Virtual Reality Lab
The lab has the latest virtual reality devices and specialized computers in order to provide applications in the highest possible quality and efficiency.

Our Tools:
HTC Vive Head mounted display
Goggles like glasses that are placed on the head to provide a 3D display for the scene in a different virtual environment. It can detect head movement in order to enhance the immersive.

VR treadmills
A walking devices which allows users to move whether by walking or running in 360 degrees without the need for big area around.

Microsoft HoloLens
It is one of the mixed reality solutions, it can be described as a self-contained computer, and it enables us to engage with the digital content that is displayed in holographic view. People can interact with the content while seeing the real environment around.

zSpace AR Technology
The zSpace system displays the objects as 3D models. It consists of three (3) parts: a 3D screen, a pen and a pair of glasses. These parts create a realistic interactivity by adding the ability of manipulating the displayed objects, analyzing it as well as sharing it with other users.

Our team:
We have a talented team of professional developers in the field of virtual and augmented reality.
Providing all previously mentioned tools and technologies help us create various contents in different fields such as:

Military field
Projects that simulate military training such as Special Forces and mine detection simulators in addition to real weapons integration with our simulators.

Medical field
Develop simulations for surgeries or a 3D view for the human body for students to learn, have a deeper look and study without risk on the patients. It is also suitable for professionals who are studying a high risk part of human body.

Tourism field
It gives the users chance of visiting distant places and interact with the media presented through the VR while staying at their location.
Tourism companies also benefit from VR technology presenting tour for customers before booking.